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Hot sexy programming date got moved to a Monday, but was still pretty awesome. There is not a whole ton to tell, but we finished up the character cards and job cards, so we have all 3 decks of cards set.

Adam also took the lead (hey, I am terrible at programming and he is a boss at it) on the shuffler.

After reading around a bit, we decided on the Fisher-Yates  shuffle.


The wikipedia article goes into more detail and does a good job of explaining it, but it really just boils down to assigning a random number (some interesting concerns there. We don’t really deal with it and I believe it is a non-issue for us, but achieving randomness is a lot trickier than you might expect: see this xkcd blog post for some randomness http://blog.xkcd.com/2010/02/09/math-puzzle/) to each card and then order them based on that. I was surprised to see how intuitive the shuffler ended up being. I sort of figured it would be more complicated.

Currently we have 3 decks of cards and the ability to shuffle them,so next week we are going to create a player, which is a job card, a character card, a life total, a standing board (that is cards they have that stay in play) and a hand. I also started looking into sorting out a reasonable approach to the artificial intelligence, but that won’t be for a bit yet.
















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